Blooming Lovely

I recently found this very beautiful book whilst browsing in Times bookstore. A lot of flower arranging books are a bit fussy for my taste with a focus on formal flower arranging but this book is much more relaxed in it’s approach. I always have fresh flowers in the house but I have become stuck [...]

January 26th, 2015|Home & Decor|


My lovely friend Karen who lives in Hong Kong generously passed this family recipe on to me after I waxed lyrical over it at a morning tea she was hosting. Growing up in a Lebanese family, Karen watched her mother make vast quantities of hummus on a weekly basis. It was Karen’s job to peel [...]

January 19th, 2015|Food, Food & Entertaining|

A Pot to Love

My friend Tara and her family recently moved into our street and with her she bought Lulu with Love – her business importing Pop & Scott pots into Singapore. I hadn’t met Tara before she became a neighbour, but upon first meeting we bonded over all things Melbourne-design and I drooled over her gorgeous charcoal [...]

January 12th, 2015|Home & Decor|

Feeling Clean

A new year a new you…apparently. I’m not a resolution kind of girl – at New Year or any other point in the year and I’m not known to diet. But every now and then I like to slightly overhaul my eating habits and reset the wrongs that have crept back in. After a digestive [...]

January 5th, 2015|Food, Food & Entertaining|