Hi and welcome to Lottie is Loving, a collection of ideas and inspiration for your home.

Lottie is Loving

Known as Charlie to my friends and Lottie to my family, I am a former event producer who loves all things related to home and lifestyle.  I spent my childhood living all over Australia, moving every couple of years until secondary school, so it is probably no surprise that I have done more of the same as an adult.  Despite all the moving around, I am a Melbourne girl at heart but for the past couple of years I have been very happy to call Singapore home.

My full time job is Mum to Finn and Pippa.  As much as I adore my family, like anyone who has been in the same job for a while, I recently started looking for something more.   And here it is – a blog dedicated to homes and all the things within them – good food, great design, art and getting together with friends and family.  It is a collection of ideas and inspirations for the things that I love.

Wherever we have lived I have always tried to make our house a home.  I hope Lottie is Loving can bring some joy to you and your home – wherever that may be.
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How my blog works…

The Lottie is Loving blog is written by me and the views expressed are mine.  None of the content or mentions have been paid for, either with cold hard cash or a lovely gift, which simply means that I can stay independent and write about what interests me.  My directory is a list of the businesses that have been mentioned in the posts – it gives you the chance to follow up on what you have seen and liked.

Just before I started this blog I took a photography course and for the first time I learnt how to switch my camera from auto to manual – a total revelation!  Despite my limited photography experience, I do try and take most of the photography myself, but when it is beyond me I will credit the photographer I have worked with.  If I have used imagery from another source I will credit the source.

If you fancy, drop me a line to let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear from you.