It’s that time of year in Singapore where it seems like everyone is getting ready for an overseas holiday.  The kids have four weeks off school and being a British / Australian family, we always use the mid-year break to visit friends and relatives in the UK.  Our trips ‘home’ are always busy – we want to share one of the kids’ home countries with them, spend time catching up with friends and get some quality time with grandparents and other family members too.   Which doesn’t leave much time for other….activities (read: shopping).

Every year I get excited about the shops I will (attempt to) visit and even if I don’t end up buying much, it is the wandering around London streets, stopping for coffee and a spot of lunch and simply browsing that I look forward to.  One of my favourite shops in the UK is Anthropologie.  They have a great mix of homewares and fashion and everything is reasonably priced.  It is always worth a visit.

So this year to save on time I have started to do a little advance browsing and here is my Anthropologie wish list.

Anthropology Wish List
L to R Row 1: Old Havana Bowl, Citrina Jewelled Sandals, Mini Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle, Strawflower Pouch
L to R Row 2: Nourish Mind, Body & Soul, Old Havana Side Plate, Pearla Sandals, Handpoured Cement Candle Holder
L to R Row 3: Nautical Matches, Handmade Shibori Canister, Emin & Paul Floral Pouch, Encyclopedia of Flowers

Even if you are not travelling to the UK or Europe (or the States for that matter!) – fear not, Anthropologie will ship to Singapore and elsewhere in the world.