Interested in creating a beautiful table setting for your next occasion? Then take a look at the different elements that were used to create the Set the Table post.

Before deciding on the theme of your table consider how formal you would like your occasion to be and who the guests are.

Plan ahead – but you will need to buy your flowers on the morning of your dinner (if that is not possible then buy them the afternoon before and keep the house cool so that your flowers stay fresh). Iron your linen, fold your napkins and write your name tags if using. Get everything ready so that when it is time to set the table it doesn’t take forever (after all…you will probably be busy cooking as well!)



Pink flowers no

1. Hydrangea 2. Cymbidium orchid 3. Mini-succulent

  • Don’t be afraid to chop the stems of taller flowers. Just because a hydrangea grows on a long stem it doesn’t mean you need to keep it like that. Trim the stems a bit at a time and keep placing it in the vase to see how it looks – you can always keep trimming until you achieve the look you want, but you can’t regrow a stem you’ve cut too short
  • An example of this is the Cymbidium orchid. It is sold as a large tall stem so consider breaking off some of the individual flowers to create different heights
  • If you want to create impact with less cost, buy one large bunch of flowers that you can divide into different vases, again making some stems longer or shorter to create interest. Pair this with leaves (which you can buy in a pack from the nurseries)
whites no

1. Anethum 2. Freesia 3. Chincherinchee 4. Cymbidium orchid 5. Tulip

  • In both the ‘Relaxed’ and ‘Pretty’ setting we used delicate white flowers that also provide a hint of green
  • Collect glass jars and vases so that you have plenty of choice for your flowers. If you finish the jam – rinse out the jar and keep it. I do the same with glass water or juice bottles. Variety is key. Lots of smaller vases and jars are easier to work with than one large vase.
greenery no

1. Succulents 2. Monsteria leaves 3. Lotus pod 4. Leaves 5. Mini-pineapple

  • Don’t forget to add some greenery to your table settings
  • Succulents and leaves are incredibly cost effective and have a beauty all of their own
  • You can de-soil succulents and place in a jar or vase with water rather than keep them in the pot you buy them in. Decorate with them as you would flowers.


Linen and place settings

Linen, place cards and accessories

Natural linen table runner and white cotton table cloth, Crate & Barrel. Linen fabric for napkins, Spotlight. Natural twine, Art Friend. Birch place card holders and place cards, Crate & Barrel. Gold glitter letter stickers, ToTT. Natural card tags, Paper Market.

  • Use different table linens to create the look you are after
  • Neutrals create a relaxed feel whereas white will always look smart and crisp
  • Layer table runners on top of table cloths to create texture
  • Choose linen napkins according to your colour theme (I made the above dusty pink napkins using fabric bought at Spotlight)
  • Napkins can go under cutlery, on top of a plate or under a stack of tableware – don’t be tempted with fancy folds – this isn’t the 1980’s
  • Consider if you need a table plan (letting your guests choose where they sit is usually preferable)
  • If using a table plan, consider simple card tags from a stationery supplier or buy place cards and holders (if you don’t have neat writing use letter stickers or a rubber stamp)


Table and glassware

Table and glassware S

L to R: Stoneware dinner plate (white), glass (blue ink), small bowls in blue/grey, Stylodeco. Chopsticks, stylists own. Wine glass, Ikea. Dinner plate, side plate and dipping bowl, Crate & Barrel.

  • It is hard to go past white for your tableware but consider adding to this with beautiful coloured glassware and accents such as dipping bowls
  • Consider irregular shaped table ware to add interest to your table setting


Shop the Look

  • Stylodeco – fantastic stoneware plates in white and blue/grey, coloured glasses from House Doctor and a variety of delicate ceramic tea-light holders and tableware. They also do beautiful french linen table cloths and napkins
  • Crate & Barrel – a one stop shop for tableware needs. Affordable and stylish cutlery, cotton and linen tablecloths and runners and entertaining accessories. Go to their larger store at Orchard Gateway
  • JM Flowers – for cut flowers and greenery
  • Far East Flora – for cut flowers and greenery

For full details go to my Directory page.

Happy entertaining!
Lottie 2