Bloomin lovely

I recently found this very beautiful book whilst browsing in Times bookstore. A lot of flower arranging books are a bit fussy for my taste with a focus on formal flower arranging but this book is much more relaxed in it’s approach.

I always have fresh flowers in the house but I have become stuck in a rut with which vases I use, where I place the flowers and which flowers I buy. This book might change all that. There are some easy creative ideas to try and the photography alone is swoon worthy.






My go-to florist for fresh flowers in Singapore is JM Flowers on Joan Road. They have a good selection of cut flowers in their cool rooms as well as the usual potted orchids, cacti, succulents and other popular nursery items. Don’t forget to take a look in the foliage section in the cool rooms. Some architectural greenery is a cost effective way to add to a more expensive but stunning bloom. Their main delivery day is Friday.

Photography, Alan Lim Studio