Stylodeco tableware

Stoneware dinner and dessert plates, available from Stylodeco

This weekend is the Boutiques Fair, a chance to grab your friends and head down to the F1 Pit Building for a little (or a lot of) shopping.  If you are anything like me, your weekends are usually filled with kids activities, interspersed with driving in the car to a soundtrack of One Direction and endless questions from the back seats.  But this weekend will be different.  In amongst the family obligations of finding the kids’ goggles for the umpteenth time and attempting to explain why Zayn Malik left the band, I will be heading down to the Boutiques Fair for some one-stop shop action – maybe even a catch up with friends and a coffee – all under the one roof.

With my total love for all things ‘home’ I was very excited to see the line up of shops and brands that will be represented at this ‘Week-End Edition’ Boutiques Fair.  With so many amazing things on offer it can be hard to know where to start so here are my picks for great homewares.  This list is by no means exhaustive – there is simply so much to choose from, but I have included some regular Boutiques favourites as well as some new comers.


New to Boutiques, Stylodeco offers a well curated collection of homewares from brands such as TineK home, Bloomingville and House Doctor.  Clean, contemporary and stylish.  A go-to for beautiful tableware, vases, lanterns and more.  They also do some stunning furniture. I am a huge fan.

Stylodeco products for Boutiques Fair
1. Breadboard ‘mango cross’   2. T-light Origami set of 3 ‘pastel’   3. Cushion cover ‘graphic grey’   4. Glass ‘smoke purple’   5. Dinner plate ‘stoneware blue grey’ and Dessert plate ‘stoneware white’   6. Side table in large and medium   7. Glass ‘blue ink’   8. Bottle ‘Laica’ blue, Bottle ‘Mega’ grey green and Vase ‘Weave’ white.   Product images provided by Stylodeco.


A favourite for anybody looking to make their kid’s rooms gorgeous, Cuckoo are back this year with more of their stunning collection.  Who can resist an Armadillo & Co rug? Or a fun ‘Hello Gorgeous’ cushion for that matter?  Whimsical, contemporary and down-right beautiful.

Cuckoo products Boutiques Fair
1. Elephant animal trophy head   2. ‘Hello Gorgeous’ cushion   3. Marigold rug   4. Lion print   5. Metal lamp in grey            6. Metal chair   7. Raffia baskets in white

Shiva Designs Bespoke

Back at Boutiques after a little hiatus, Shiva Designs Bespoke is well known to the style-savvy homewares shopper.  I have my eye on the colourful and quirky Jai Vasicek crosses and the beautiful new Shiva designed dip-dyed cushions and table linen.  It is a tough choice between cobalt blue, raspberry or grey…decisions decisions.

 Shiva Designs Bespoke products
1. Jai Vasicek Porthole   2. Jai Vasicek Cross   3. Shiva Designs Bespoke dip-dyed linen cushions in blue and raspberry       4. Jai Vasicek mini-art tile   5. Bonnie & Neil cushion   6. Fourchette & Cie spoons.  Product images provided by Shiva Designs Bespoke.

Scene Shang

Showing at Boutiques for the first time, the girls from Scene Shang bring with them a modern take on Art Deco and Chinese influenced furniture and homewares.  When they released their ‘Back to the Books’ bookends last year they sold out in a day!  The range of furniture is beautifully handcrafted and designed.  I particularly love The Banker lamp – very Art Deco cool.

Scene Shang products for Boutiques Fair
1. Brass and bamboo hanger stand   2. ‘The Banker’ lamp in green and white   3 & 4. ‘Shang Collection’ cabinet   5. ‘Back to the Books’ bookends   6. ‘Embrace Me’ cushions.  Product images provided by Scene Shang.

Hola Linda

A favourite each year at Boutiques, Hola Linda has a colourful collection of two-sided cushions that can be mixed and matched, bright and contemporary art prints ready for framing, witty tea towels – perfect as a gift – as well as wooden block tea-light holders.

Hola Linda products for Boutiques Fair
1. ‘Life is Beautiful’ and ‘Every Love Story’ prints.   2. Wooden tealight holder   3. ‘Cross My Heart’ tea towel   4. ‘Live Fast Dry Young’ tea towel   5. ‘Circus’ cushion   6. ‘Organic Hearts’ cushions.   Product images provided by Hola Linda.

Boutiques Fair will be held 25 – 26th April from 10am – 6pm at the F1 Pit Building.  Admission is free.  For more information, visit Boutiques Fair