Castle bedlinen and artwork by Rachel Castle

I am often asked for advice on where to go for bedlinen.  Searching for good bedlinen is a topic close to my heart so I am always happy to make recommendations.  Without exception the first place that I send people is Castle.  I am a huge fan of this brand (it is bordering on an addiction and I may soon need some kind of expensive Arizona retreat to assist me – here’s hoping anyway).   Addiction issues aside, Castle designs beautiful bright bedlinen which can be mixed and matched to create a multitude of looks.  Pair this with the stunning and in demand artwork and it is easy to see why this brand is a favourite of mine.

Castle cushions, artwork and paper sculptures designed by Rachel Castle

Founded by Rachel Castle in 2008, Castle is all about colour and fun.  Their product range includes bedlinen, cushions, throws, original artwork, tea towels (designed to be framed as artwork) and more recently paper sculptures.   I adore it all.  Rachel Castle has built her brand on doing what she loves and it shows.  She designs the bedlinens, which are handprinted in Australia, and she is the creative force behind the amazing artwork which she designs, sews, screen prints and paints.

Castle bedlinen and artwork by Rachel Castle

This is my new favourite bedlinen by Rachel Castle. I love the combination of charcoal and rust against the palest of greys. It’s a sophisticated palette that makes a nice change from the monochrome scheme which seems to have been dominating the interiors world recently.

For me though, the sign of a great company isn’t just about the design of their products, it is also about customer service.  This becomes particularly relevant when you are buying online and internationally and Castle certainly delivers on this as well.  Their response times are quick and friendly and you feel like your order matters (as great as automated computer responses are, there is something to be said for personal interaction within the online buying process as well).

Castle cushions and artwork by Rachel Castle

How to choose…? Gorgeous soft velvet cushions in brights and sorbet hues. Mix and match to create interest.

Children's bedlinen by Rachel Castle

My kind of kids room. Choose bedlinen designs that will stay relevant as your kids get older.

The original artwork that Rachel Castle creates can be somewhat hard to come by due to it’s in demand status.  To nab one of her acrylic paintings or embroidery pieces, you need to follow her on instagram and or Facebook, so that you receive the update when a new piece of artwork is being uploaded to the website (Rachel usually uploads artwork at 9am Australian time) and then it’s first in best dressed.  Living in Singapore that means getting up at the crack of dawn (given the time difference) to be in with a chance.   However, if you are interested in her prints or the fabulous tea towel artwork then you can relax and sleep in, as Rachel produces a limited edition of these items.

Castle bedlinen and print by Rachel Castle

To shop the Castle range head to the Castle website.

Wishing you all a happy week ahead with no haze.

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All images courtesy of Castle.