The Alchemist by Carla Fletcher

‘The Alchemist’ limited edition print, by Carla Fletcher

Have you ever noticed how we are most often attracted to art that depicts an aspect of the country we are from?  Even without realising it, we are drawn to the images and icons of the culture and landscape of our home country.  This can be particularly heightened when you live away.

If you are Australian, the work of Carla Fletcher will resonate.  Carla is a well-loved Melbourne based artist whose work is so evocative of our home country that you can’t help but feel drawn towards it.  Her subjects are iconic and loveable Australian fauna which she brings to life through delicate pencil marks – whether it is a koala tucked up in a pose or an eastern grey kangaroo in the heat of the day, each animal’s personality is engagingly familiar.  With nothing other than a white background, the images are simply beautiful.

Grey 1 by Carla Fletcher

‘Grey 1’ limited edition print, by Carla Fletcher

Carla Fletcher has held regular solo exhibitions in Australia since 2003 and has been represented in various local and national group shows.  She has also been a finalist in the 2014 and 2010 Archibald Prize, the 2013 Sulman Prize, 2012 Portia Geach Memorial Award, and the 2011 Black Swan Prize.

Printed on museum grade paper, these archival quality limited edition prints are signed and numbered, and once sold out will not be re-released.  Their stunning simplicity will suit both bedroom and living areas alike and will work with any decorating scheme.

The Healer by Carla Fletcher

‘The Healer’ limited edition print, by Carla Fletcher

Grey 2 by Carla Fletcher

‘Grey 2’ limited edition print, by Carla Fletcher

To purchase these beautiful limited edition prints, visit Carla Fletcher.  Prints come in a variety of sizes and international shipping can be organised.