BLUE COT BED GALLERY by Castle and Things.  Children's Art.

Image courtesy of Castle and Things

Children’s art…not the scribblings and random pieces of card with weird things all stuck to it that come home from pre-school.  No, I’m thinking more of art that you might want to consider for your children’s rooms.

There is a great array of beautiful art suitable for kid’s rooms. Children grow up so quickly (or so I’m told) that when it comes to decorating their rooms, be it art or bedlinen or wallpaper, if possible you want it to last until they are at least 12 years old – by which point they will probably be demanding their own version of interior decorating (when I was 12 I had Mum and Dad paint my room candy pink.  Hmm..)

For this reason, consider art that could hang not only in their rooms but in the rest of your home as well, because when they decide all they want is Smash Hits posters of Madonna and Duran Duran – or whatever the kids are into these days – the art that you placed in their rooms when they were 5…?  It’s yours now.

Castle and Things

Rachel Castle designs a great range of art from very affordable tea towels which can be framed to acrylic paintings that are more moderately priced. She is well known for her humorous play on words on her embroidered pieces and produces a range of limited edition prints as well.  Her work is bright, colourful and joyous.

Children's Art - part of a gorgeous range from Castle and Things
Patchwork 1 Teatowel and Ba Ba Bonkers Teatowel, Castle and Things

Gitte Brandt

A Danish painter who produces her work in France on canvas or paper and gives you a choice of size for each of her paintings. Very cool.

Children's Art - beautiful original paintings by Gitte Brandt
La Négresse and Le Léopard, Gitte Brandt

Vintage Posters from Letitia Morris

Vintage posters are a fun, affordable and timeless form of art that is easy to buy online. Letitia Morris is an Australian based shop known for their quality original posters. The range is vast and they can arrange shipping.  Choose carefully and think about the age of your children – as nice as a poster’s design might be, you don’t necessarily want an ad for vodka hanging on their walls. Or maybe you do. Each to their own!

Children's Art - original posters by Morvan Herve from Letitia Morris
Danone and Jeunesse au Plein Air, Morvan Hervé from Letitia Morris

Everything Begins

An online shop with a fantastic collection of limited edition prints from the world’s independent and emerging artists and designers. The collection includes graphic prints, typographic prints and illustration art prints.  There is a huge range to choose from for your children’s rooms including beautiful pieces from Laura Blythman, Lisa Lapointe and Olli Ella to name but a few.

Children's Art - Witch doctor art print by Lisa Lapointe and Alma Abstract Pastel Art Print by Olli Ella
Witch Doctor Art Print, Lisa Lapointe.  Alma Abstract Pastel Art Print, Olli Ella both from Everything Begins
Children's Art - Dreamscape 2 by Laura Blythman.
Dreamscape 2, Laura Blythman from Everything Begins

In Singapore I trust my framing to Merlin Framers in Holland Village or Paragon.  They will also install for you.  Find details on my Directory page.

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