Original Australian art

Creating a gallery wall seems to be on a lot of people’s wish lists.  Every pinterest worthy home seems to have one and you can find any number of tutorials online showing you how to create one – but first you’ve got to purchase some art.

At the most affordable end of the art spectrum are art prints – effectively posters.  They are cheap to buy, often come in a variety of sizes and can be shipped to you rolled in a tube…easy.  They are unlikely to be unique as they are generally printed en masse rather than in a limited edition, but they can be a great addition to a gallery wall.  Next are artists or galleries that create a number of limited edition prints from an original piece of art that are moderately priced and provide an entry point to artists work who you may admire but couldn’t afford or didn’t manage to nab the original.  A limited edition print run means that you are less likely to see your piece in your friends home or on everybody’s instagram feed and the quality of these limited edition pieces are high.

And then there is original art.  I have a soft spot for original art and aside from subscribing to my favourite gallery’s mailing lists, I also like to every now and then look through stockrooms online to find art that I may have missed from an exhibition held during the year.  If your budget is limited or you want to start by just dipping your toe into buying some original art, then go for smaller pieces.  Create a gallery wall with interest and include some original pieces too.

Here are some of my favourite (affordable) stockroom picks (I have some other favourite picks which are completely unaffordable but that’s probably an entirely different post!)

Original Australian art

Nicholas Harding ‘Paris Peony (2)’ Sophie Gannon Gallery

Original art

Peter Simpson ‘Middle Head’, Arthouse Gallery

Original and limited edition Australian art

Emily Ferretti ‘Untitled 1’, Sophie Gannon Gallery

Original Art

Peter Simpson ‘Four Jugs’, Arthouse Gallery

Original Art

Susan Baird ‘Winter Blues’, Arthouse Gallery

Lottie 2