Drink of the summer

There is something to be said for being on holiday with a former bartender (especially when it’s your brother and you are happy to be spending time together anyway).  Each year when we come home for the Christmas summer holidays, my brother lets us know what the ‘drink of the summer’ is going to be.  Last year it was the Aperol Spritzer, the year before it was a simple (but extremely drinkable) Gin and Tonic and this summer it has been the year of the Moscow Mule.

I’m not sure when this ‘drink of the summer’ tradition started or how the cocktail is actually decided upon (I suspect my sister-in-law may have an influencing hand) but really it doesn’t matter. On a summers day come 6pm when we are all sandy, hot and slightly flustered from carrying a ridiculous amount of plastic sandcastle building implements and sporting equipment back from the beach with children on the verge of meltdown, my brother will calmly go behind the bar (read: stand in the kitchen) and fix everyone a ‘drink of the summer’.  And at that point, a hot beach day melts into a warm balmy evening.

And the Moscow Mule has proved to be the perfect icy, spicy concoction for the end of a summers day.  I am officially hooked.

Drink of the summer

How to Make the Perfect Moscow Mule

The secret to the perfect Moscow Mule seems to be copious amounts of ice, the spiciest ginger beer you can lay your hands on (we have been emptying the supermarket shelves of ‘Capi’ Flamin’ Ginger Beer which is unbelievably good) and a whole lot of stirring and muddling.

Drink of the Summer

Ingredients and Method

Fill a chilled glass with ice
Pour in one measure of vodka
Add a splash of Angustura Bitters
Add a sprig of mint and a squeeze of lime
Muddle and stir (beat and bruise the mint with your muddling)
If you think you’ve stirred it enough, you probably haven’t, so give it one more stir
Top the glass with fiery ginger beer
…and stir.

Drink of the summer

Sip and enjoy.

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