Delicious candy bar

Over the Easter period we did a lot of movie watching.  We are so rarely in Singapore during the school holidays that I think the kids were just thrilled to be home watching TV and playing in their rooms.  One of the movies we watched was Hop.  A tale about the son of the Easter Bunny who just wants to be a drummer.  The song “I want Candy” is played throughout the movie and as I write this post the song is going round and round my head.

This recipe is from Gwyneth Paltrow’s book “It’s All Good”.  She calls them Candy Bars.  My kids call them sticky chocolatey goodness.  I agree.   They are really very good.  They are my go-to treat with a coffee and if you cut them into smallish squares, the recipe should last the whole week.  Given the inclusion of nuts in the recipe they can’t be packed into the school lunch box (if you are in a nut-free school) but they make a great after dinner treat or pre-activity snack for the kids.

Candy Bar

Healthy Candy Bars

Recipe adapted from It’s All Good 

1 ½ cups of ground nuts (I have used ground hazelnut and almonds and both work well)
1 ½ cups of pitted dates
1 ½ cups of shredded coconut
½ cup almond butter
½ cup maple syrup
½ cup coconut flour*
1 ½ tbsp coconut oil
½ tsp almond essence

200g good quality dark chocolate (min 70%) – optional

Put all the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until the mixture is combined and finely chopped.  It will make a large sticky ball.  Line a tin with some baking paper and press the mixture evenly in the tin (given it is quite sticky I sometimes find placing some cling film over the top and then smoothing with the back of a spoon or your fingers can make the job easier – remove the cling film once you have smoothed it).  Place it in the fridge to harden.  Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in the microwave or using the double boil method.  Once melted, pour over the top of the cold nut mixture.  Return the pan to the fridge and allow the chocolate to set.

* Don’t attempt to replace coconut flour with regular flour as it has completely different properties and absorption from regular flour.  It may not make a difference in this recipe because the mixture isn’t cooked but I haven’t tested this recipe with another flour (I have however made it with no flour and it was fine…just much stickier).  You can find coconut flour in health food shops.