Hunting for George Arwork

I used to think I had enough art.  In the last house we actually had a couple of pieces sitting wrapped in boxes that we simply didn’t have space for (mind you, I did come from living in a glass box – but even so…) but since we moved I am realising you can never have enough art.  There are entire areas still looking blank – even my very lovely hanging man pointed out to me that I needed to do something on the wall in my living room!   No pressure.  I know because I write a lifestyle blog with a heavy focus on interiors the expectation is that my new home has been super styled within an inch of it’s life with every nook and cranny filled ‘just so’ but that simply isn’t the case.  I’m the same as you.  In fact, I’m probably slower than the average person at getting everything done because I fundamentally believe that interiors take time.  If I need to buy something new for the house I spend time thinking about it, researching, thinking about it some more – yes in the meantime we still don’t have dining chairs (for instance) but I’d rather that than making quick decisions that I regret for the years to come.  We’ve all been there.

Hunting for George Artwork

But my ideas for the blank living room wall are slowly coming together and I have decided that I am going to do some smaller black and white pieces.  And then last week I received an email with the new art print collection from Hunting for George.  If you follow my blog or instagram you will be familiar with the ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ print that I bought from them last year (after moonlighting around the house for a while this print has now found a permanent home in Finn’s bedroom).  And within this new art print collection there are a handful of black and white prints that might come in handy for the blank living room wall.  So I’m sharing with you today some of my favourites from the collection.

(And if you don’t have a good framer or just can’t ever be bothered with the extra step of framing your artwork, Hunting for George have created frames to fit their artwork that can be easily shipped).  Easy.

Hunting for George artwork
Monochromatic Totem 2 Art Print X-Large, Hunting for George
Hunting for George artwork
Milky Way Art Print Large, Hunting for George
Hunting for George artwork
Monochromatic Totem 1 Art Print X-Large, Hunting for George
Hunting for George artwork
Totem Tangent Art Print Medium, Hunting for George

You can take a look at the new art print collection at Hunting for George because they also have typography and photographic pieces available too which I have not shown you here.  So…I’m inching closer to filling the living room walls it seems.  Patience is a virtue.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Lottie 2