Woods table

Pippa decided for her 3rd birthday that she would like a toadstool cake, which led to a Woodlands party theme. I thought it would be easy but what I hadn’t considered was where I would get everything I needed to make this happen. So it was out with the sewing machine and after endless trips to Spotlight and Art Friend I had made a dozen toadstool cushions, countless Woodland people and a smattering of glittery star garlands.

I had planned to have the party outside and use our bamboo pathway as the “woods”, but as is often the case nature intervened on the day with some heavy rain and we had to set up inside instead. Nevertheless, it was a fun party and Pippa had a lovely time.

Woods close table

Woods drink

White ceramic bottle, timber and green moss, Art Friend. Fabric, ribbon and button, Spotlight. Napkins, Children’s Showcase.



Sweets, fairies and gnomes hidden in the “woods” provided a treasure hunt for the kids. Glass jar, Art Friend. Fairy, IKEA. Star garland, see my ‘Create’ page.


Woodland scenes dotted the treasure hunt area. I made the woodland people and bought some small woodland creatures from The Better Toy Store.

The toadstool cake came from the classic Women’s Weekly Kids Birthday Cake book – this book is circa 1985 but it still delivers on cake ideas that kids will love. I am not a cake decorating expert so I used a Dolly Varden cake tin for the top which provided the right shape and was easy to use – no trimming or fussing to get the shape right. From there it was a case of rolling out some fondant and decorating. Clearly I am not a professional cake decorator, but Pippa was delighted – after all what could be better than a pink toadstool for a birthday cake when you are 3 years old (even if it is a bit patchy!) I also made some small cupcakes to compliment the bigger cake, which I thought might be easier for little fingers.

Mushroom Cake

Toadstool candles, Children’s Showcase.



Baking cups in berry pink spots and cupcake toppers in pink floss hearts, both Paper Eskimo.

If you are interested in creating a woodland theme event, then take a look at my Create page for the toadstool cushion covers and star garlands.