Leila Jeffreys 'Pete'

‘Pete’ by Leila Jeffreys

The Singapore Affordable Art Fair is almost upon us and one of my favourite artists will be represented for the first time this year through OTOMYS.

Leila Jeffreys is an Australian based photographer who is well known for her portraiture of birds. Her first exhibition was in 2010 and featured ‘Portrait of a Budgerigar’, in 2012 she followed this with an exhibition of Australian native Cockatoos and more recently, she exhibited birds of prey.

Printed large-scale, the photos have a mesmerising and dramatic quality with great detail, stillness and clarity – impressive given her avian subjects. Leila works closely with conservation and rescue organizations and you get a sense of the affection she has for the birds through her photography.

I love her work for it’s timeless appeal. It is both classic and modern and fits with many interior styles. Photography is also an easy point to start with an art collection. It is no surprise that many stylists and interior designers recommend Leila Jeffreys work for their clients’ projects.

Leila Jeffreys 'Slim'

‘Slim’ by Leila Jeffreys

Leila Jeffreys 'Melba'

‘Melba’ by Leila Jeffreys

Leila Jeffreys 'Queenie'

‘Queenie’ by Leila Jeffreys

A selection of Leila’s work from her Cockatoo exhibition will be available at the Singapore Affordable Art Fair through OTOMYS. They will be located at Stand 3C-04.

Contact: OTOMYS

Singapore Affordable Art Fair is on 17 – 19 April at the F1 Pit Building.

Images provided by OTOMYS