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Art Prints from Hunting for George

I used to think I had enough art.  In the last house we actually had a couple of pieces sitting wrapped in boxes that we simply didn't have space for (mind you, I did come from living in a glass box - but even so...) but since we moved I am realising you can never have [...]

February 27th, 2017|

My Top 5 Benches and Daybeds

I bought this Moller bench from Great Dane Furniture a few years ago.  I had been eyeing this classic bench for a while because we had a stairway landing that I knew it would be perfect for.  So on a trip to Melbourne I bought it and then carefully wrapped it in bubble wrap on my parents [...]

February 20th, 2017|

My favourite shops for Moroccan rugs

I have become quite fixated recently with Moroccan rugs - and specifically rugs from the Boujad tribe.  I travelled to Morocco many years ago and it still remains one of my favourite destinations.  While we were there we hired a car and drove from Marrakesh into the Atlas Mountains, staying along the way at a [...]

January 30th, 2017|

My Byron Bay Avocado on Toast

At the beginning of the Christmas holiday period, my husband and I did a little 3 night jaunt to Byron Bay - sans kids.  We so rarely go away from the kids, mainly because we quite like our children (go figure?!) and enjoy time together as a family.  But I have to say, some time spent [...]

January 21st, 2017|

A new year, a new home

A new year and a new home to make our own.  For those of you that follow me over on Instagram this move has been brewing for a number of months (and you're probably quite sick of hearing me talk about it) and for those of you that don't - well, we've moved. The [...]

January 16th, 2017|

Style Guide: Book Stacks

Before I get stuck into my style guide for book stacks, let me just say that I realise my posts in the past couple of months have been sparse at best.  I'm sorry. There is not really a tremendous excuse...it's partly because I have been busier than usual and partly because I have struggled to stay [...]

October 31st, 2016|
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 Today's vibe ♡ negative space at play. Have a good one.  Cake spam 🥄 Baking this week for @theassemblyhall my new favourite recipe  Sometimes it takes time to really figure out what your interior style is - and even when you do, we are all generally stuck with the previous interior choices we've made. So it can be a long process to get to where you wish to be. If i had my time again I would do more white with a little black for contrast and a small use of colour for interest. So when I spotted this image from @insideoutmag it spoke to me. Stunning simplicity that is right up my alley. Photo by @derek_swalwell | Styling by @rachelvigorstylist
 It's where I call home. Lounge room views ♡  Do I go to Sydney this month...or not? I'm thinking yes. Have you seen how blue their sky is there at the moment? It's ridiculous. And I think I need to revisit here to admire the beauty and sip coffee and catch up with friends. Thoughts...?  Completely and utterly obsessed with these @marmosetfound bowls from @mjresident. Their sculptural beauty is something else. I can't wait to show you these and so much more at next week's 'Styling the Home' workshop @theassemblyhall ❥