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A new year, a new home

A new year and a new home to make our own.  For those of you that follow me over on Instagram this move has been brewing for a number of months (and you're probably quite sick of hearing me talk about it) and for those of you that don't - well, we've moved. The [...]

January 16th, 2017|

Style Guide: Book Stacks

Before I get stuck into my style guide for book stacks, let me just say that I realise my posts in the past couple of months have been sparse at best.  I'm sorry. There is not really a tremendous excuse...it's partly because I have been busier than usual and partly because I have struggled to stay [...]

October 31st, 2016|

Style Guide: Plant pots

A little greenery in the house is always a good idea so in today's style guide, I am showing you three options for plant pots. 'Pots' is a loose term because with the exception of one, they aren't strictly speaking pots. From a beautiful hand painted fibreglass pot to the humble laundry basket, choose a pot [...]

October 9th, 2016|

Skye Jefferys

There are some things that always get me excited and Australian art is one such thing.  If you are a regular follower of this blog or my instagram account, this will come as no surprise.  I buy art of all shapes and sizes - typography posters, oil paintings, still life, landscapes, originals and prints...it seems my [...]

October 2nd, 2016|

Blissful Snacks

Well hello and a huge welcome back to everyone after the mammoth summer holidays - which in Singapore just seem to go forever.  With the variation in school calendars, it can easily be two months before everyone is back in town.  If you missed my last post (there has only been one over the past [...]

August 18th, 2016|

Beach Babylon Ibiza

There is a lot to love about Ibiza...gorgeous beaches, sunny weather, amazing food and DJ's spinning summer vibes wherever you go.  There are so many places in Ibiza that deliver on this formula but one of my favourites from our recent trip is Beach Babylon.  Located near the town of Sant Eulalia on the east [...]

July 18th, 2016|
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Hi and welcome to Lottie is Loving. I am a Singapore based mum who is passionate about interiors, food, art & entertaining.


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 Slow Sunday morning feels ❥  Let the sunshine in. Today is a new day. Yesterday I ended the day making a list of everything I had to get done and felt completely overwhelmed. Today I have woken up ready to tackle it all.  One of the joys of running @theassemblyhall is having the chance to collaborate with some amazing creatives. I simply can't wait for @elodbelle 'Food Photography and Storytelling' workshop. I adore food photography and I can't wait to see such a pro at work and pick up some tips. #neverstoplearning  @elodbelle
 Friday. Finally. This has been one of those weeks that is simultaneously over fast but seemed to go forever. In amongst my week I managed to have one of my favourite girls @haskerphotography come over and take some snaps of me for @theassemblyhall feed.  This week I'm in charge of the household. And this is how it's been going...kids have been eating things from packets in their lunch, the dishwasher was emptied at dinner time last night and I am sniffing clothes and deciding they can go back in cupboards rather than be washed. Goodness me. On the upside everyone seems to be surviving and I've even got the kids doing chores.  Flowers for a Monday. I hope you have a good one...and if you're in Singapore let's hope you have an umbrella ☔️