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My Byron Bay Avocado on Toast

At the beginning of the Christmas holiday period, my husband and I did a little 3 night jaunt to Byron Bay - sans kids.  We so rarely go away from the kids, mainly because we quite like our children (go figure?!) and enjoy time together as a family.  But I have to say, some time spent [...]

January 21st, 2017|

A new year, a new home

A new year and a new home to make our own.  For those of you that follow me over on Instagram this move has been brewing for a number of months (and you're probably quite sick of hearing me talk about it) and for those of you that don't - well, we've moved. The [...]

January 16th, 2017|

Style Guide: Book Stacks

Before I get stuck into my style guide for book stacks, let me just say that I realise my posts in the past couple of months have been sparse at best.  I'm sorry. There is not really a tremendous's partly because I have been busier than usual and partly because I have struggled to stay [...]

October 31st, 2016|

Style Guide: Plant pots

A little greenery in the house is always a good idea so in today's style guide, I am showing you three options for plant pots. 'Pots' is a loose term because with the exception of one, they aren't strictly speaking pots. From a beautiful hand painted fibreglass pot to the humble laundry basket, choose a pot [...]

October 9th, 2016|

Skye Jefferys

There are some things that always get me excited and Australian art is one such thing.  If you are a regular follower of this blog or my instagram account, this will come as no surprise.  I buy art of all shapes and sizes - typography posters, oil paintings, still life, landscapes, originals and seems my [...]

October 2nd, 2016|

Blissful Snacks

Well hello and a huge welcome back to everyone after the mammoth summer holidays - which in Singapore just seem to go forever.  With the variation in school calendars, it can easily be two months before everyone is back in town.  If you missed my last post (there has only been one over the past [...]

August 18th, 2016|
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Hi and welcome to Lottie is Loving. I am a Singapore based mum who is passionate about interiors, food, art & entertaining.


Once a month my homeThis is how we do. TEarlier this year I
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 Once a month my home becomes like an amazingly beautiful mini florists when we host the Everyday Flowers workshop. We pick the freshest flowers from the market for everyone to learn with and then they get to take them all home. It's such a lovely morning. This Friday we will host it again and there are still a couple of spots left if you feel like joining us and learning about how the flower markets work, which flowers to choose...and going home with cake in your tummy and an arm full of flowers. Link in bio.  This is how we do. Thursday afternoon feels ♡  Earlier this year I decided to ignore the numbers on this IG account and instead focus on everything that is good with this amazing social platform. Like the fact that I have the pleasure of viewing some incredibly beautiful images, of meeting like minded creatives, of supporting others, or stumbling across some gorgeous items to buy and feeling part of a community who I find thoroughly inspiring. And this shift in focus has meant I enjoy Instagram now more than I ever did. The numbers go up and sometimes they go down, but in the end the community of people who connect with my work and like my thoughts stay with me and that feels like joy. Thank you to everyone who has shown me support with a comment or a like or a DM. It always means so much.
 Oh are a thing of beauty. Have a lovely Friday ahead - here's to wanderlust and all the weekend feels ㄨ This gorgeous image by @apairandaspare  Just keeping it simple today. The light has slightly shifted in Singapore recently (its only small but it does happen) and I'm finding this entrance is now often flooded with the most beautiful light. I thought it was worth a capture.  ...just in case anyone was worried