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My Top 5 Benches and Daybeds

I bought this Moller bench from Great Dane Furniture a few years ago.  I had been eyeing this classic bench for a while because we had a stairway landing that I knew it would be perfect for.  So on a trip to Melbourne I bought it and then carefully wrapped it in bubble wrap on my parents [...]

February 20th, 2017|

My favourite shops for Moroccan rugs

I have become quite fixated recently with Moroccan rugs - and specifically rugs from the Boujad tribe.  I travelled to Morocco many years ago and it still remains one of my favourite destinations.  While we were there we hired a car and drove from Marrakesh into the Atlas Mountains, staying along the way at a [...]

January 30th, 2017|

My Byron Bay Avocado on Toast

At the beginning of the Christmas holiday period, my husband and I did a little 3 night jaunt to Byron Bay - sans kids.  We so rarely go away from the kids, mainly because we quite like our children (go figure?!) and enjoy time together as a family.  But I have to say, some time spent [...]

January 21st, 2017|

A new year, a new home

A new year and a new home to make our own.  For those of you that follow me over on Instagram this move has been brewing for a number of months (and you're probably quite sick of hearing me talk about it) and for those of you that don't - well, we've moved. The [...]

January 16th, 2017|

Style Guide: Book Stacks

Before I get stuck into my style guide for book stacks, let me just say that I realise my posts in the past couple of months have been sparse at best.  I'm sorry. There is not really a tremendous's partly because I have been busier than usual and partly because I have struggled to stay [...]

October 31st, 2016|

Style Guide: Plant pots

A little greenery in the house is always a good idea so in today's style guide, I am showing you three options for plant pots. 'Pots' is a loose term because with the exception of one, they aren't strictly speaking pots. From a beautiful hand painted fibreglass pot to the humble laundry basket, choose a pot [...]

October 9th, 2016|
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 ...because, let’s face can never have enough smell of pine at this time of year. Beautiful new hand soap in the bathroom. Not sure the kids really give it the kind of appreciation it deserves. Oh well.  Back when I had time to make actual wreaths that hung from the ceiling - as opposed to this years thrown together mini versions. This wreath was my first ever attempt at making a wreath and I had zero knowledge of how to go about it...but I figured, how hard can it be? Turns out it was pretty easy. There is a mini tutorial on the blog. Link in bio.  So I’ve woken up this morning with a feeling of panic and a realisation that I have so much to do and only 4 days left. Why is Christmas always like this? Last week i was all “oh I’m winding down work has finished...” which was utterly ridiculous because running your own business means work is never actually finished and I was also ignoring that there is a mountain of tasks elsewhere in my life to get done in any case. So step 1 this morning is • Make coffee • Write list • Stop looking at social media (you don’t have time) - we all know that’s very unlikely to happen
 My recent Ikea purchases and how I’m styling with them up on the blog today. Well...kind of. Wordpress has decided to throw a complete spanner in the works and stop just frustratingly refuses to save. So anyway, you won’t see it on the home page but there is a link in the bio (early 2018 resolution - ditch Wordpress - so over it). Technical computer issues have the ability to tip me completely over the edge. How has your day been? Hopefully not as frustrating as mine. Taking the kids to eat fish and chips tonight simply because I think chips and wine will improve my mood.  My favourite product of the year has to be @vanderohe. Hands down. I remember the day I met Olivia and we chatted all things branding and photography and then she changed my mind about skincare forever. So grateful that we had a chance to work together before she left Singapore. A truly gorgeous lady and an exceptionally gorgeous product.  Today’s vibe ✌taking it slow as only a Sunday should be (current situation : sofa, cups of tea and watching School of Rock with the hilarious Jack Black with the kids)