Lemon Olive Oil Rosemary Cake


Frozen Goodness on a Stick

In Southern climes everyone is gearing up for winter - elsewhere Spring has sprung and summer is on it's way...here in Singapore the predictability of the weather continues - sunny mornings, rainy afternoons and inescapable heat and humidity.  There are no variations in the length of our days and very little in the way of [...]

May 16th, 2016|

Floweret Co

This post is a two for one deal.  Firstly, I share with you a fantastic new business based in Singapore which I love - and secondly, I show you how to deconstruct a bunch of flowers to get maximum bang for your buck (you will have to read to the end to see if I [...]

May 7th, 2016|

Singapore Milestones

Earlier this week I posted an article on a fabulous Singapore business called The Babyholic.  I adore all of their products but one item in particular really caught my eye - their beautifully designed Singapore milestone moments cards, expertly printed and illustrated by The Fingerprint Letterpress. The milestone cards are designed with babies in mind - [...]

May 3rd, 2016|

The Babyholic

There are some businesses that you stumble across and wonder just how it is that you haven't heard of them before.  The Babyholic is one such business.  As soon as I discovered them (through Instagram) I was smitten.  I was immediately drawn to the stylish monochromatic design of their products and after learning more about [...]

May 1st, 2016|

Mexican Fiesta

It's Mexican Fiesta time!  Well...it was.  We have been in party season - first it was Neverland and last weekend it was a Mexican Fiesta.  We are nothing if not varied when it comes to our party themes in this house.  So it was out with the pale and pretty pastels and in with the [...]

April 27th, 2016|

Chicken and Caramelised Lemon Salad

It feels like a long time since I did a food post on the blog.  This year has been peppered with time away from Singapore so I haven't been in the kitchen as much and have kind of fallen into eating the same meals week in week out and lacking inspiration.  But after returning from [...]

April 18th, 2016|
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Hi and welcome to Lottie is Loving. I am a Singapore based mum who is passionate about interiors, food, art & entertaining.


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 Today's vibe ♡ negative space at play. Have a good one.  Cake spam 🥄 Baking this week for @theassemblyhall my new favourite recipe  Sometimes it takes time to really figure out what your interior style is - and even when you do, we are all generally stuck with the previous interior choices we've made. So it can be a long process to get to where you wish to be. If i had my time again I would do more white with a little black for contrast and a small use of colour for interest. So when I spotted this image from @insideoutmag it spoke to me. Stunning simplicity that is right up my alley. Photo by @derek_swalwell | Styling by @rachelvigorstylist
 It's where I call home. Lounge room views ♡  Do I go to Sydney this month...or not? I'm thinking yes. Have you seen how blue their sky is there at the moment? It's ridiculous. And I think I need to revisit here to admire the beauty and sip coffee and catch up with friends. Thoughts...?  Completely and utterly obsessed with these @marmosetfound bowls from @mjresident. Their sculptural beauty is something else. I can't wait to show you these and so much more at next week's 'Styling the Home' workshop @theassemblyhall ❥