Petersham Nursery

This year we had a grand total of one day in London as part of our yearly trip to the fair Isles of Britain.  It’s not much.  What can you do in just one day?  I knew exactly what I wanted to do…go to Petersham Nurseries.  A strange choice you may think, but we used to live in London so we are fairly familiar with the popular central London hot-spots and with only one day, we wanted to maximise all that is gorgeous about an often overlooked aspect of London – it’s vast parklands and amazing array of flowers and plants.

Not to mention, Petersham Nurseries has the most gorgeous shop and superb cafe and teahouse.  It is my idea of the perfect day out.

Petersham Nursery teahouse

Teahouse at Petersham Nurseries

Located alongside the vast and very beautiful Richmond Park (complete with freely roaming Bambi deer), Petersham Nurseries was originally carved out of the Petersham House grounds and in 2000 was taken over by Gael and Francesco Boglione and transformed into the renowned business it is today.

Petersham Nursery shop

The effortlessly chic shop is unlike anything you can find in Asia. With a dirt floor and greenhouse roof strewn with woven fabric, the French antique furniture and home accessories are styled in amongst the flowers and plants.  A crystal drop chandelier hangs from a branch and mini succulents line a table laden with earthenware pottery.  The whole shop and nursery, have been beautifully curated and styled and it is an absolute joy to wander around and discover each nook.


Shop details at Petersham Nursery

Table display at Petersham Nursery

Despite limited suitcase space I couldn’t pass up on some gorgeous amethyst coloured Italian glassware, a couple of antique candlesticks and some rustic clay pots perfect for succulents or cacti.

Petersham Nurseries antique cabinet

Petersham Nursery cafe

For more information and to plan your trip go to Petersham Nurseries.  Take a look at their website as well to view some of their beautiful shop ware.  They can also organise shipping.

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