Pot to love

My friend Tara and her family recently moved into our street and with her she bought Lulu with Love – her business importing Pop & Scott pots into Singapore. I hadn’t met Tara before she became a neighbour, but upon first meeting we bonded over all things Melbourne-design and I drooled over her gorgeous charcoal chevron Pop & Scott pot brimming with greenery.

For a year I had been admiring these beautiful pots on my trips to Melbourne but could never figure out how I would get them to Singapore – it all seemed too hard (I think my family are getting slightly tired of the random items I want to haul back as hand luggage!) and then I met Tara and she has done all the hard work for us. Thank goodness!

The Pop & Scott collection is beautiful and there is nothing like it in the Singapore market. They work perfectly indoors or out and suit a variety of greenery. Each pot is hand painted and designed and made in Melbourne. The pots are made of fibreglass so they are lightweight.

With the exception of the two pots standing proudly outside our front door, I have used the pots to fit under or beside furniture and they fill what would have been blank space beautifully.


A pot to love

‘Dip’ in Sorrento blue (medium) planted with Thai Jasmine. ‘Dip’ in yellow (large) planted with a Ficus . Plants from Hawaii Landscape.

Pot of gold

‘Pot of Gold’ (small) planted with a Gardenia from JM Flowers

Pink and gold triangle pot

‘Pink and gold triangle’ (medium) planted using a variety of succulents from JM Flowers

Pot of gold

‘Pot of Gold’ (small) planted with a Gardenia from Far East Flora.