Create your own Singapore milestone

Earlier this week I posted an article on a fabulous Singapore business called The Babyholic.  I adore all of their products but one item in particular really caught my eye – their beautifully designed Singapore milestone moments cards, expertly printed and illustrated by The Fingerprint Letterpress.

The milestone cards are designed with babies in mind – to celebrate your baby’s first Diwali…… National Day…or perhaps the first time you take your baby to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  When celebrating these unique Singapore moments, you take a photo of your baby with the corresponding card to capture the moment.

Singapore milestone moment

But what happens if you don’t have a baby and you want to feature these cards on your blog?  That’s when I realised, these cards are perfect for expats living in Singapore too.  Before living here ‘we’ (read: expats) may not have celebrated Chinese New Year with a Lo Hei or had our hands painted with henna at Diwali. Then there is your first Hari Raya…not to mention a first staycation.

So with that in mind, I decided to take on my very own Singapore milestone…my first taste of durian.  Yes, Singapore’s favourite spiky smelly ‘King of Fruits’.  I know of no other fruit that is banned from traveling on public transport and in taxis or which inspires signs that read ‘No Durian Fruit Allowed Here’ with a big red stop sign emblazoned over them.

I was up for the challenge.

So with The Babyholic milestone cards in hand, I headed off to the markets.  My lovely helper Sheila came with me to help with the choosing of a good durian (I clearly had no idea) and it was promptly chopped and sealed in a polystyrene box ready for consumption.  And here is what followed…

A Singapore Milestone: My First Taste of Durian

Durian Singapore milestones

Create your own Singapore milestone

So here I am ready to go…you will note a touch of trepidation but at this point I’m all smiles – clearly I’m a bit hot and sweaty (just keeping it real Singapore style) and feeling a little foolish in the middle of a market with a photographer, but so far so good.  But then…

Create your own Singapore first

…I try my first bite. Whoa that is some potent rotten gassy taste.  I can’t manage to swallow it and by now I have a fair few locals chuckling at me and Sheila is in hysterics.  So there was only one thing to do…invite her to join me on camera and show me how it is done.

Create your own Singapore first

“See..?  So yummy!”  (that’s what Sheila keeps saying to me anyway) and so I was encouraged to try again.  Not one to be beaten so easily by a simple fruit I go in for a second bite…

Create your own Singapore first

Nope!  Still a very stinky taste in my mouth and very mushy too.  Just overall nope.  But I tried.  And I had so much fun capturing this Singapore ‘first’.

I love the idea behind these cards whether for a baby that is growing up in Singapore or as an expat – they provide the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the uniquely Singaporean moments available to us living here.  Take a camera along with the family and have one of the kids hold the card up while you capture all the excitement and wonder (and maybe hilarity) that some of these moments inspire.  There are 10 cards in each pack so there are plenty of moments to choose from.

Head to The Babyholic to purchase these cards online, or you can find them at Naiise.

Lottie 2

P.S.  If you plan on eating durian take some wet wipes along with you as it is super mushy and gets stuck all over your fingers.  You may also want some sweet icy cold drink at the ready too!  Just saying…

Photography: Hasker Photography