Kirra Jamison Morning Glory

‘Morning Glory’ by Kirra Jamison

Still life feels like proper grown up art.  When I was growing up we had an oil painting of a bowl of fruit in a fairly ornate frame hanging in the hallway.  Far from being a still life from one of the greats, it was in fact painted by my Dad (which still baffles me now as my Dad is not known for his ‘artiness’).  Similar paintings hung in the homes of my friends too.  Still life seemed to be the art of parents.

Not withstanding the art your parents may have owned, when most people think of still life they picture a 16th century oil painting, with a dark background depicting a skull and some fruit spilling over a draped table – impressive and beautiful yes, but heavy, brooding…and serious.

But still life is so much more than that.  It offers a slice of life from the painters point of view and can be fresh and fun and contemporary – as well as a little grown up.  At the ripe old age of 40 something, I recently bought my first (grown up) still life.  It is simple and beautiful and I have chosen to display it casually – it is, as yet, unframed and rests on a console table on the landing rather than hanging formally on a wall.  It creates a nice counterbalance to the other art I own.

Arthouse Gallery in Sydney recently held a still life exhibition which represented a variety of artists and mediums.  It was a great exhibition and although many pieces have already sold there are still some gems available.   Take a look at my picks from the exhibition for beautiful grown up still life.

Kirra Jamison Evening Glory

‘Evening Glory’ by Kirra Jamison

John Baird Spiral Foliage

‘Spiral Foliage’ by John Baird

Claudia Damichi, Wildflower Midnight

‘Wildflower Midnight’ by Claudia Damichi

Craig Waddell, You have touched my soul

‘You have touched my soul’ by Craig Waddell


To see a full range of artworks still available from the exhibition or to purchase any of these lovely works of art, contact Arthouse Gallery

Imagery provided by Arthouse Gallery