Style a book stack

Before I get stuck into my style guide for book stacks, let me just say that I realise my posts in the past couple of months have been sparse at best.  I’m sorry. There is not really a tremendous excuse…it’s partly because I have been busier than usual and partly because I have struggled to stay motivated post summer holidays (I know I know, they were like 400 years ago by now)  but somehow during that extended break I totally lost my momentum – the perils of working on your own and becoming easily distracted!

But here I am today to share with you some inspiration for one of the most used styling techniques – the book stack.    Why is the book stack so popular?  Well, firstly it provides a platform for your trinkets and objet d’art, allowing them to group together in a coherent way.  Secondly, it adds height to an arrangement and lastly, well…it makes you look like you read really lovely books.  I love a good book stack and they appear in numerous locations in my home.

Here are my top tips for styling book stacks:

  1. Start by only buying books that you genuinely have an interest in and would like to read (books are expensive so choose a book that looks lovely and is interesting to you)
  2. If buying books is too costly, then get some attractive magazines (my favourite for styling with are Design Anthology)
  3. Think in colour tones when stacking books together
  4. Generally, three books is plenty in a stack unless they are very thin
  5. Build your book stack like a pyramid with the largest book on the bottom
  6. Don’t just leave a book stack hanging – give it some love by adding a vase or a candle or a trinket or two to the top

Style Guide Book stack

Style Guide Book Stack

Style a book stack

Style a book stack

Style a book stack

So while I may have been a little less present over here on the blog, if you ever feel like a daily dose of Lottie is Loving inspiration you can simply pop over to my instagram feed and get really exciting daily updates over there.  Like really exciting…what I ate for breakfast today, another snippet of my home, ummm…let’s reaching for a coffee with a witty one liner attached?  Yep.  Super exciting stuff.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead.

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