style guide to indoor plants

Following on from my ‘practical guide to indoor plants’ I thought I would do a post on how to style them.  I don’t work as a stylist but I am passing on some tips about what I do in my own home to give some inspiration for what you might like to do in yours.

I have to say it took me a long time to get on board with indoor plants.  I’m a bit of a neat freak and I used to feel that indoor plants were kind of messy and I just never had the love for them.  But over time I have changed my mind.  Some indoor greenery can really enhance a space and compliment your interiors – and they are a cost effective alternative to fresh flowers.  I still prefer a lone plant indoors rather than a large group, but that’s just my style.  Play around with where your plants go and mix it up from time to time to create a new look without spending any money.

Look 1: Clash and Compliment

Entrance styling indoor plants 2

ENTRANCE  | Fiddle Leaf Fig  |

Why this works…mix of styles.

This single stem fiddle leaf fig works in a soft natural-fibre basket paired next to a modern and bright chair. The wall dots placed at uneven heights with boho bag provide visual interest.  The colours of the bag mimic the chair and the pale oak wall dots compliment the woven basket.

Basket, Shiva Designs Bespoke  |  Muuto wall dots, Lifestorey  | Bend chair, Pomelo  | Boho bag, Small |  Kids hat, Cotton On  |

Look 2: Create a Cluster

Styling tips indoor plants

DINING ROOM  |  Rosemary  |  Phelaneopsis orchid  | Cymbidium orchid  | Cactus  |  Rondo Romana  |  Succulent  |

Why this works...mix of texture and variety.

Create a cluster of small and medium sized plants for your table.  A variety of planters, pots and vases in different textures and sizes help to create this look.  Play with heights and make sure you have at least one taller plant to anchor the cluster.  A pop of purple from the cymbidium orchid adds interest. Pull the cluster together on a tray or a board.  (The potted rosemary needs a lot of direct sunlight so you need to be prepared to move this outdoors each day to keep it looking good).

Round planter, Maissone  |  Clay pot, Petersham Nurseries  |  Mini white ceramic coffee cup, Serax  

Look 3: Use an odd number

Styling indoor plants lounge


Why this works…Uniformed style, complimenting colours.

These origami vases can be purchased as a group of three.  There is a reason for that – three is a magic number when styling.  Co-ordinating pastel colours and the slight shape difference in the vases creates interest whilst maintaining a clean look.  A pop of colour from the red cactus and the different shapes of the cacti add further interest.  The photo frame provides a background anchor to the small group.

Pastel origami vases, Stylodeco  | Resin coral, Maissone

Look 4: Fill a Gap

Indoor plants styling tips
LIVING ROOM  |  Succulents |

Why this works…complimenting styles and repeating shapes.

This beautiful hand painted Pop & Scott pot fits perfectly under the round side table.  The shape of the table is repeated in the shape of the pot and rug.  The variety of succulents provide a pretty green display without overtaking the design of the pot.

Fibreglass planter, Pop & Scott  |  Round side table, Crate & Barrel  |  Photo frames, Country Road  |  White and blue ceramic tealight holders, Bloesem  |  Crystal and brass light, Lee Broom  |  Vase and cup with gold detail, Bridget Bodenham for NGV  |  ‘Marigold’ rug, Armadillo & Co

Look 5: Layer

Indoor plants styling tips 1

BEDROOM  |  ‘Boston’ Fern |

Why this works…soft textures and complimenting colours.  

The variety of texture and layering in this look create a welcoming corner in the bedroom.  The simple pink dip Pop & Scott pot allows the fern to take centre stage.  The colours of the pot and fern compliment the chair and accent cushion.  The addition of a woven basket, hemp rug and sheepskin throw add a layer of texture and warmth that softens the look.

Fibreglass planter, Pop & Scott  |  Chair, Jardan  |  Sheepskin, Ikea  |  ‘Petunia’ rug, Armadillo & Co  |  ‘Belly’ basket, Stylodeco  

Look 6: Create visual interest

Styling indoor plants landing

HALLWAY  |  Heartleaf 

Why this works…collection of contemporary elements

These hanging plants make the most of a stairway landing and provide a beautiful visual as you walk up the stairs.  They bridge the gap between the ceiling and the artwork and don’t take up any space on the narrow hallway table.  A stack of books, a modern print and a scented candle help to bring this look together.

Hanging planters, Have You Met Miss Jones  |  Artwork, Castle & Things  |  Blue ceramic bowl, Samantha Robinson  |   Still life artwork, top to bottom, Elizabeth Barnett and Peter Simpson



Some of the stores in the ‘shop the look’ are Singapore based, however the brands represented are usually available through international stockists as well – so if you don’t live in Singapore and are interested in where to buy, check your favourite brands website, click on the links in the post or go to my Directory page.