Plant pots

A little greenery in the house is always a good idea so in today’s style guide, I am showing you three options for plant pots. ‘Pots’ is a loose term because with the exception of one, they aren’t strictly speaking pots. From a beautiful hand painted fibreglass pot to the humble laundry basket, choose a pot that adds interest, texture and pattern at a price that suits your budget.

Option 1: The Laundry Basket – $

Add a little Scandinavian style to your interiors with this House Doctor laundry basket.

Style Guide Plant Pots

Cost effective and striking in a black and white stripe, this large laundry basket by House Doctor is a stylish and super light weight option for a plant pot.  Style it with a tall palm and some bold typography artwork.

Option 2: The Paper Bag – $$

Go for a fresh relaxed style with this super slouchy paper bag.

Style Guide Pot Plants

Crisp white and slouchy, this washable XXL paper bag by Uashmama creates a relaxed almost beachy vibe to an entrance area.  Style it with a lush green multi branch fiddle leaf fig, natural timbers and a soft woven rug.

Option 3 – The Fibreglass Pot – $$$

A classic geometric handpainted fibreglass pot that will always be stylish

Style Guide Pot Plants

This gorgeous monochrome patterned fibreglass pot is lovingly handpainted by Pop & Scott.  A more expensive option, but so stylish it will always stand the test of time.  This medium sized pot fits perfectly under an occasional table.  Style it with a striking aloe vera plant and a simple monochrome collection for the table top.

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