Whether you run a business from home or simply need somewhere to organise your paperwork and pay the bills, creating a home office space that is conducive to actually knuckling down and getting your work done is pretty important, and yet it tends to be a fairly neglected area of our homes.

I need every incentive to organise paperwork and get on top of admin – it would have to rank as one of my least favourite tasks, so last year I decided that in order to turn into a super organised filing queen I needed some pretty stationery items.  I headed to Kikki K and purchased a ton of beautiful fabric bound lever arch files which then stayed empty for…umm, about six months before I finally decided that the leaning tower of paperwork really needed to make it’s way into them.

Before you get started buying pretty things for your work area, you need to decide where in your home your ‘office’ is going to be.  If you don’t have a dedicated room then think creatively – a nook under the stairs, the landing or a spare room.  The following home owners have used a variety of ways to create a work from home space – all of them beautiful and each of them different.

Home Office Lulu with Love

Detail Home Office Lulu

Tara, founder of Lulu with Love, has cleverly used a landing in her home to create a work from home space. The streamlined and stylish String system is perfect for a compact space providing desk and shelving all in one.

Study area

Photography credit, Justin Loh

P1090703 (1)

Davina from Paper+White also created a home office on the landing adjacent to her daughter’s room so that she could remain at the centre of family action even while working.

Home Office Jane

The style of Jane’s study reflects the open plan configuration of her home.  This room is part of the downstairs living area so it’s style needed to compliment the other living areas.  Light and bright colours and the use of a beautiful Ercol table and Eames chair help to keep this area from feeling too office-y. Cabinets hide all the filing and other office equipment when not in use.

Home Office Lisa

Lisa is lucky enough to have a dedicated room for the home administration tasks.  Beautifully styled with a white Chinese style desk and chair, Asian chest and soft reindeer rug under foot.

If like me you need some inspiration to sort out your paperwork, head to Kikki K for a fantastic array of home office supplies.  I can’t promise it will make you want to file but at least it will look pretty.



Photography: Hasker Photography