Salt and Pepper on Salt

‘Salt and Pepper on Salt’.  Styled by The Artwork Stylist.

The choice of affordable art continues to grow each year and there is really no excuse anymore to not dress your walls as you would other areas of your home.  Today I am bringing you another fantastic Australian art business – The Artwork Stylist.

Art on the walls will transform your home.  It gives a sense of permanency and helps to bring together your furniture and home accessories.  I am a big believer in making your home feel ‘lived in’ and blank walls look like you have only just arrived – or are about to leave.

If you rent, don’t let drilling a hole in your wall stop you from hanging artwork.  Holes can be patched up so easily and let’s face it, there is always going to be repair work that you will need to pay for in order to get your so hefty-you could retire on this amount-deposit back…so what’s one more hole in the wall?

The Artwork Stylist

‘Iceberg’.  Styled by The Artwork Stylist.  Photographer, Tom Blachford

The Artwork Stylist is an online business based in Australia that brings striking, modern and affordable art to our homes.  Founded by sisters Sara and Amy Chamberlain, The Artwork Stylist is the perfect place to start when considering affordable art.

The Artwork Stylist

‘Pink Desert’ and ‘Navy Half Moon’. Styled by The Artwork Stylist. Photographer, Tom Blachford.

The curated collection brings together photography and graphic artwork and is printed using the best archival quality ink on 100% cotton archival stock.  Not only that, but The Artwork Stylist also prints and frames your piece ready for hanging.  Each print comes in a Limited Edition of 50 – which ensures not everybody will have the same piece.

The Artwork Stylist

‘Lake Life’. Styled by The Artwork Stylist.

Many of the pieces work well together giving you the option of buying more than one piece to fill a larger wall.  I particularly love the ‘Geometric’ and ‘Dot’ series, both of which would work in any room in your home.

Steel Geometric from The Artwork Stylist

‘Steel Geometric’

The Yellow Split Dot - left

‘The Yellow Split Dot – Left’

Plum Geometric

‘Plum Geometric’

To view the complete collection or to discuss overseas shipping, please visit The Artwork Stylist.  And call your handyman to drill some holes in your walls!

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