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As much as I support and adore Australian design, it is hard to not be completely smitten with European style.  I have a soft spot for all things Scandinavian and some of the most popular homeware brands hail from Europe – with the Danish being particularly prolific in creating designs that the rest of the world fall in love with and emulate.  The Northern European aesthetic influences so many other styles that it is hard to imagine our homes without its inclusion.   Type ‘Scandinavian inspiration’ into pinterest and prepare for an avalanche of beautiful interiors.

Well today I am bringing you a little slice of Scandinavian style from right here in Singapore, with a visit to Stylodeco’s showroom.

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Stylodeco, owned by French expat Helene, brings together all the top names in European design – think House Doctor, Bloomingville, Broste and HK Living to name a few.  Helene has curated a contemporary Scandinavian collection that encompasses furniture, lighting, tableware and linens.  If you follow me on instagram, you will already be familiar with some of Stylodeco’s items (such as the House Doctor honeycomb paper ornaments which I have an obsession for – beautiful and practical as they are held together with magnets – genius! and the Bloomingville origami vase – a friend has started counting how often this item appears on my insta feed)!  I also can’t live without a belly basket or too.

These items are the perfect addition to any home.  Vases, pinch bowls, honeycomb ornaments, lanterns and baskets can transform a tabletop, entrance table or bookcase.  Sometimes it is the smaller items that can pull together a look and create impact and they can help to update your interiors without costing a fortune too.   So, even though Stylodeco does furniture as well (perhaps that will need to be another post), today I have styled for you the smaller decorating items that you can add to your interiors.

Take a look at the treasure trove of decorating items shown in the cabinet above or get some inspiration from the table setting below in hues of green.

Stylo Deco 23 S copy

Stylo Deco 34 S copy

Belly basket by Stylodeco

To shop the Stylodeco collection, you can arrange to visit their showroom, or simply jump online and visit the Stylodeco website.

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Photography: Hasker Photography